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Hooked by Page 5

How important is it to hook your reader? Well, if we didn’t hook our reader, why would they bother to read our book? True, every reader gives every author a few pages of “trust” where the reader will trust the author to lure them into the story with something that will HOOK them, hold their […]

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Naming short stories

How do you name your short stories? (or novels?) Sometimes, I have the title before I have the story. More often than not, the title eludes me until I’ve written it, rewritten it, and had it critted a few times. I have to get others’ feedback and then digest the why and how and what […]

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Hello & welcome!

Welcome to PatHauldren.net! Thanks to mega hacking at my previous webhosting home, I’ve found new digs and I’m in the process of packing, moving, and unpacking. Which means, a lot of work on the web. PatHauldren.com will be here soon, along with all my novels, EditAlley.com, and my other domains. In the meantime, if you […]

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